Press Release

Press Release

On December 13, 2017, “Panasonic / Chiba Institute of Technology Industry - Academic Collaboration Center” was launched to accelerate development of next generation robot appliances.

Panasonic / Chiba Institute of Technology Industry- Academic Collaboration Center


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Panasonic Corporation (Headquarters: Kadoma-shi, Osaka, President and CEO: Kazuhiro Tsuga, hereinafter Panasonic) and Chiba Institute of Technology (Board Chairman: Osamu Setokuma) inaugurated “Panasonic / Chiba Institute of Technology Industry Academic Collaboration Center” (hereinafter the collaboration center) today. Chiba Institute of Technology has the most advanced robotics technology, robot intelligence technology, and the capability of integrating those technologies into robots of the highest degree. Those technologies will be integrated with planning and development capability of reliable home appliances of Panasonic. The university and Panasonic will work together to create ideas and to develop innovative technology to bring these ideas to fruition and into commercial ventures.

As a first step in this corporative effort of the collaboration center, Panasonic will take the initiative to commercialize next generation robot appliances using the “Scan SLAM” technology developed by Future Robotics Technology Center*1of the Chiba Institute of Technology. This technology identifies distance measurements at high-speed using sensing information. SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) is a core technology to construct a map of robot’s environment by analyzing the information recorded by a self-localizing sensory laser or camera. “Scan SLAM” has the world best hi-speed processing capability. This technology plays a crucial role for autonomous behavior generation of robots similar to human vision.

Although many collaborations of universities and corporates aim to achieve R&D, often in fundamental studies, our attempt to offer cutting-edge technology for commercial product development is rather exceptional in Japan. We aim at creating a better future society by transferring many of the university’s leading-edge technologies into practice smoothly and speedily through this collaboration center.

Chiba Institute of Technology and Panasonic will accelerate Open Innovation initiatives through the collaboration center and propose “new values in daily life” by developing next generation robot alliances.

The Collaboration Center Overview

Location 2-17-1 Tsudanuma, Narashino-shi, Chiba (in Chiba Institute of Technology)
Established December 13, 2017
Director Takayuki Furuta
(General Manager, Future Robotics Technology Center, Chiba Institute of Technology, and Executive Director of Chiba Institute of Technology)
Deputy Director Hidemi Fuchigami
(Panasonic Appliances Company, Managing Officer, CTO
Director, Engineering Division)